Friday, May 05, 2006

Hallelujah! We got rain!

A line of thunderstorms passed over Victoria, TX at about 2 this morning.

That has happened several times over the last few months, but the line always seemed to “part” (like the Red Sea) with the actual rain passing by on either side of our town.

Communities as close as 20-30 miles away would get inches, while we got nada. Remember me telling you about the size of the cracks in the fairways at our local golf course? Well, last weekend some of them WERE wide enough to swallow a golf ball. I’m not kidding.

We could hear the faint beginnings of rumbling thunder shortly after midnight, but it wasn’t until 90 minutes later that the first drops fell. This time the clouds didn’t part—they dumped!

I’d estimate that we got between two and three inches at my house. I’ve not heard what the official rainfall total was at the airport, but it doesn’t matter because you know how thunderstorms can be. One area of town can get 6 inches, and a house just a few blocks away can get a trace.

All I know for sure is that at 6 a.m. when I left for work our front ditches were full, and there was still standing water in the yard. And I’m SURE that the first inch or two just soaked right in, since everything has been SO dry for SO long.

Tomorrow we’ll go to the golf course and I’ll report on the size of the cracks there. But if they had rainfall similar to that of my neighborhood, I’m betting that those cracks are much smaller.

(See? Sometimes it’s true that SIZE MATTERS!)

Oh, and Carol was pleased that so many of you enjoyed her pictures of the birds (both the docile ones of a few days a go and the pugnacious ones of yesterday). She spent part of today trying to capture birds in flight. Here are a few samples:

Departing the birdbath. See the water drops?

This gal is gathering nest-building material.

A sparrow in full-power, take off mode.

This guy was also gathering nest construction supplies.



Kirsten said...

Those photos are just amazing.

What camera is Carol using? That's not a non-SLR is it?

Viki said...

Yeah! Rain! And what fantastic photos of the birds! I'm using too many exclamation points! I can't stop myself!

I've officially gone completely insane. I have one more week of the semester, and then I hope to be back visiting all my favorite blog haunts again.

I hope things are well with you and your family!

Jodi said...

Those pictures are fantastic!

Send some of that rain up here. We had a few days of drizzle last week but not enough to get rid of our cracks.

Michelle said...

What a coincidence - I also awoke at just after 2am with a small storm passing by. It dumped a lot of water on us too. And another coincidence, I also live in a "dry" belt - rain comes to CT and everyone else gets rain but my neighbourhood does not.

Carol is good at EVERYTHING. It is simply not fair. Great photographs.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Carol is indeed good at EVERYTHING. (Especially at choosing a husband, I always like to say.)

I'm well accustomed to being bested by her at just about everything except jobs requiring brute strength. Hey, there had to be SOME reason she married me, right?


Candace said...

We're getting tons of rain up here in Dallas. Glad you got some of the runoff.

Our lovebirds are nesting, but since they're new at this, they don't realize that they have to SIT ON the eggs. The female guards those eggs, but they're scattered around her, not under her. The male dutifully feeds her, when she allows him to, and hangs around waiting for a chance to sit in the eggless nest. Maybe they'll get the hang of it next year.

bigwhitehat said...

Awesome action. I'm jealous.