Saturday, May 27, 2006

A good day

Hot, but breezy. With passing clouds that made some shade from time to time, even for Carol in the fairway.

I, in contrast, typically play in the shade of trees. Typically trees are NOT in the fairway. But there IS an upside. I have developed through MUCH practice a very good "escape" shot that I use to punch out from under trees, or to aim at a narrow gap between LOTS of tree trunks. I used that shot often today.

We played two 18-hole rounds. No, I do NOT wish to talk about scores, thank you. As I think I have reported before, a score is nothing more than a number, and not necessarily ANY measure of whether or not a golfer had fun, hit some quality shots, or considered the outing a success. So please quit asking about scores.

Yes, I did struggle to keep the ball in play and get any distance off the tee. I kept trying different techniques with little success. Until, that it, the VERY LAST tee shot. On hole number 36, I hit a really good drive. I was so shocked that I put another ball down and hit it for practice. ANOTHER good drive! HA!! I've figured it out!

(Real meaning: There's SOME hope for tommorow's golf!)

Okay then. Moving right along to a different topic...

Carol took a lot of pictures today. Most of them were shots of birds. Some of them may have turned out to be pretty good, but I have to finish this post so she can download the pics from the camera to this laptop and check them on the big screen.

So, I shall now end this post and pass the computer to her. You will likely see some of her work in a few days, after we get home and she has some time to manipulate the shots with Photoshop.

That's all for today. More tomorrow!

(As you were.)


Karyn Lyndon said...

You mean you're just now figuring it out? How long have you been playing?

(I'm glad Carol found another hobby to keep her occupied while you're trying to get out of the

M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ not wanting to discuss scores.



Michelle said...

Am pleased you are enjoying yourselves.