Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Several of you...

...mentioned that it was a good thing that Carol and I were not part of that pile-up and wreck on Hwy 290 yesterday.

Believe me; that occurred to the two of us as well.

I did the math. We were just 4-tenths of a mile from the impact scene. That’s less than half a minute at 70 mph. But it had clearly happened long enough before for at least one emergency vehicle to arrive. We saw the flashing red and blue lights when we topped a rise about a half-mile from where we stopped. So it had occurred about 10-15 minutes earlier.

If not for the slow round of golf (and Mr. Talker, who made it even slower) WE might have been in the middle of it all.

Kinda gets your attention, doesn’t it? But you want pictures, right?

Okay, click HERE for the first installment. Birds!


Anonymous said...

nice pics, especially the wire bird. LOL

Emmy Ellis said...

Thank goodness you weren't in the pile up.

Great, fantastic, fabulous pics!


Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else - thank goodness you were not involved in the pile up.

Seeing as Carol is now a budding photographer, don't you think it would be lovely to come back to Africa and specifically South Africa and take awesome photographs of WILD animals?