Saturday, May 13, 2006

Good Golf Day

Yeah, I know. For most of you that title screams, "BORING POST!"

We had temps in the mid 80s with a little breeze to keep things tolerable. We figured it would be a slow round, so we took the camera in case any fawns or other critters showed up.

Last year at this time, you may remember, we saw lots of fawns at our golf course. We took pictures. But that was back before we went DIGITAL, so by the time we developed the film and scanned in the images to display, a few weeks had gone by. This year we're primed and ready with our nice two-lens digital outfit, and there's not a fawn to be seen.

Here's what we DID see. It's in keeping with Carol's current craze about birds. This guy is called a "Great Egret."

He stands well over three feet tall, and is usually wading around in the shallow water hazards seeking small minnows or frogs for dinner.

He's actually fairly tame and allows you to approach to within about 15-20 feet unless you're making sudden moves, or appear threatening.

If that happens he seems to move in slow motion, spreading his wings (which can span out to nearly five feet!), bending his knees, and gently taking to the air.

Oh, that's right. A picture is worth a LOT of words, right. So here's what he looks like taking flight.

And yes, that scraggly looking trail in the background is one of our course's cart paths. Yes, they really look that bad.

Oh, if you would like to read a more entertaining post, check out Valkyrie's blog post for today called "Post on Toast" (I don't know why).


Xeus said...

Hi, you have a nice blog and worth enough to read. i have spend all my night to read your blog. keep the good work

bigwhitehat said...

I need to get a long lens.

Your bird pictures are awesome.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I think we may have a great egret living on our "lake". That wingspan is frightening when he comes in for a landing...unlike the stork this one looks like it could steal your baby away.

I didn't have time to comment the other day but I really enjoyed your photojournalism of the bird sex. Maybe you can instigate freaky bird friday...

Emmy Ellis said...

Lovely bird again!

Well done, Carol!


Candace said...

What's so great about that skinny old bird? Let's see him tackle a cat! I bet he'd fly away. A "great egret." Big deal. I'm a Great Terrier!