Friday, June 23, 2006

Be careful what you wish for

The summer sun was blazing (though twas March, and only spring).
Our sky seemed hard as copper, and no show’rs did April bring.
The heat in May was high enough to scorch and crack the ground,
But drenching downpour from some storm was nowhere to be found.

The farmers shrugged and shook their heads, lamenting loss of crops,
Our forecasts called for days of sun, no mention of raindrops.
We wished and prayed for rain to come and turn the brown to green,
But though we searched and scanned the skies, no trace of rain was seen.

The ground was cracked and hard as rock, (but fairways sure were fast!
I hit the golf ball just as far as in some years long past!)
But grass was stressed and turning brown. It seemed to be in pain.
Though sprinklers kept it just alive, it really needed rain.

But then in June the patterns changed. An upper level low
Did form right over Houston and the winds began to blow.
It drenched that town and flooded streets, the bayous flowed like rivers.
They told us it would come our way, and some began to shiver.

Within a day the lightning flashed, the thunder rumbled too.
A heavy rain began to pour, then puddles formed (a few).
But as the hours passed with little letup in the flow,
Concerns about flash flooding first were voiced and soon did grow.

The system moved so slowly, and brought us so much rain,
That cracks filled in and water rose too fast for it to drain.
The puddles grew and formed small ponds which soon became a lake.
We wondered... should we build an ark? And how long would THAT take?

Well, now the rains have come and gone, our drought is truly broken,
And some who wished and prayed for rain are wishing they'd not spoken.
For each event a consequence will follow, as you know.
Before, I had it easy; but tonight I had to MOW!


Nankin said...

I'm going to wish anyway. I wish you'd send some of that rain on up to Dallas and suburbs north.

Shesawriter said...

It's so weird how half the country is dry as a bone, while the other half is getting drowned. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?

kenju said...

Good poem, John. We had a drought up until the rains we got from Alberto - now I think we have a surplus.

Anonymous said...

I was just goign to drop in and add to your post a couple days ago about appliances going out and plumbing problems..

My dryer went out last night.UGH!
lol.. Have a good day!

Trish said...

Great poem John,

And as for its ending. I feel for you. REally I do.



Zinnia said...

We went from no rain to flash flood watches all week!

Emmy Ellis said...

Yay! Great stuff!


Anonymous said...

Seems like the rain's everywhere!

Monica said...

Cute poem...said it all about our weather here in Texas.

Have a great Sunday!!!

Miss Cellania said...

I asked for rain the other dy. We've received about eight inches over the last three days!