Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Various Thoughts

To all of you who commented or emailed to tell me you enjoyed yesterday’s poetic efforts, thank you! And, no, none of that was true. (I write fiction, remember?)

You have encouraged me to extend my foray into the world of rhyme in future posts. If a worthy topic presents itself (read: if something pops into my head) that lends itself to that medium, I shall pursue it.

Change of subject.

Two months ago I told a tale of a wedding cake designed, prepared and delivered by our good friend Ruth. In response to requests, I promised pictures of some of her cakes.

Well, I finally have a few for your viewing pleasure. Rather than upload them to Blogger and put thumbnails on this post, I’ve just put them on the following web site for you to check out. When you’re finished, your browser’s “Back” button will bring you back here.

CAUTION: Don’t look at them if you’re hungry. You’ll start salivating, and I will NOT be responsible for the ensuing damage to your keyboard!

Here’s the site.

Hungry now? I thought so.

Change of subject. (I put these in so you’ll avoid whiplash as I jump from thought to thought.)
(Yes, that was considerate of me. And thanks for pointing that out.)

For those of you who’ve complained that there’s not NEAR enough romance on this blog but WAY too much sex (you know who you are!), what could be more romantic than wedding cakes? That ought to put that issue to rest!

Speaking of sex…

No, although that really seemed to get your attention, I don’t have anything to say on that topic today.

I’m still basking in the satisfaction of Christina’s winning the unemployment battle. As long as the threat was hanging over her head of having to pay back all that money she was a different person. Now she’s animated, happy and looking forward to better things ahead.

I need to stop blogging and get outside and mow the lawn. We’ve had some hard rains over the last week, and the sunshine is causing everything green to leap up out there.

Maybe tomorrow’s post will be an ode to the riding mower. Sounds like a worthy topic.


Karyn Lyndon said...

Jeez...what's on the cake site? My workplace just denied access to it with BIG RED LETTERS. I hate firewalls--just another infringement of my freedom in the pursuit of cake pics...

Duke_of_Earle said...

Gee, Karyn, maybe there's a big bad virus out there. Or PORN!

(Say, what are you doing reading my blog and visiting my "questionable" cake site from your workplace anyway?)

Try it again from home. It ought to work OK. (It's just 5 pictures of cakes, for Pete's sake.)

Karyn Lyndon said...

The cake site worked at home...and they are gorgeous!

Nic said...

Wow, small world. Kind of like playing the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game. I'm in ARWA with Brenda and she is one of my friends here in Austin. I know of Karyn from Brenda's site but have never been to her blog until today to where I followed the rabbit hole to your site. My first blog commentor ever was Bill Coupe (he found my site purely by clicking on the "next blog" button) who was tagged in the 'fridge game by Karyn who also tagged you and I found you through Karyn's site from Bill's site. I know kind of confusing and roundabout, but there it is. Nice site. Love the fridge poem. :)

Candace said...

Wow -- thanks for posting the cake photos!
SOME day I might get around to posting a fridge photo!
Not nearly as exciting, tho.