Sunday, July 30, 2006

And Sunday as well

Another hot day, but the breeze was blowing enough to keep things from being stifling. Yeah, we played golf again, but today we rode in a cart. Walking in the heat yesterday took a lot out of both of us.

Today was just relaxing and pleasant. A good finish to a good weekend.

Carol’s game was back on track, so she beat me (as usual). Yesterday was an aberration in that regard.

We spent quality time together, enjoyed each other, and are ready to face the coming week.

Isn’t that what weekends are for?


Ivy said...

You know its not so much the texas heat thats killing me lately.. Its the HUMIDITY!!!!!!!!!!! And the non stop rain.. We are goign to just float away.. Straight down the Neches river and into the gulf!

kenju said...

It's 96* and rising here today, John. I would not want to walk to the mailbox (30 yards away) let alone a golf course. With heat indices at 1-5 and higher, I am staying inside and praying that our airconditioning systems don't fail!

Monica said...

It's hard to have sympathy when we need rain so bad. But I must say, Duke, I enjoy hearing about your wife as much as I do about you. Tell her anytime she thinks of a relative who's not married, in his forties...okay yeah, I'm shameless.

But I'm a pretty decent cook, too. :)

Duke_of_Earle said...

Ivy, That's Texas for you. Some of us have had rain, and some have had none. (See Monica's comment.) Rarely is there a happy "medium."

Kenju, I love it when you say "our air conditioning systems" (plural). I knew Texans routinely installed backup systems, but North Carolinians too?

Monica, IMO, shame is overrated. But no, she has no (known) relatives who'd qualify, even for a GREAT cook. (And btw, she's a pretty great cook herself. Not to rub it in or anything.)