Saturday, July 29, 2006

A good Saturday

Mowed yesterday evening after work. Changed the oil in the commute-to-work car this morning, then took care of a couple of chores that were waiting for my attention. Played a round of golf. Actually got pars on four holes (Kirsten!), offset by several double- and triple-bogies. Shot a 94.

Carol’s game was off today, so her score was slightly higher. Unusual!

That’s golf, though.

Came home and cleaned up/cooled off. Paid some bills. Carol has some home-made spaghetti and a loaf of home-made Italian bread to go with it already made for supper.

Been through my blogroll and made comments here and there. Ready for a nice, relaxing evening.

Yep, a pretty good Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Actually got pars on four holes (Kirsten!)


Anonymous said...

I just asked my dad if there was a term for "twice par" and he said, "yeah -- 'take up checkers.'"


Emmy Ellis said...

Ok so that spaghetti and bread comment had my mouth watering!

I know what I'll be making for dinner now!



Anonymous said...

Good for you. It does sound like a nice day. Yours is one of my very favorite blogs!

BTW, I'm supposed to go golfing in a few weeks for the first time. It's my company's summer party - golf and picnic. Everyone is REQUIRED to golf. I was dead last at our last company function - bowling. I hate being last at everything that I do, but it should be good for a few laughs anyway. hahahahaha on me!!!