Thursday, July 13, 2006


Christina asked for our golf scores from our trip from Alabama.

Daughter, I thought we’d raised you better than that!

As Michelle pointed out, much pleasure is derived from viewing the gorgeous scenery and the wildlife. Golf courses can indeed be like botanical gardens.

We constantly discover new things.

For example, the last two pictures in my post from yesterday? That creature is not an ant at all, but a “Red Velvet Wasp.” The males have tiny wings, but the females have no wings at all. The one Carol photographed must have been a female (no wings in evidence). The critters have a vicious sting, and are also called “cow killers.”

I am NOT making this up. If you don’t believe me, Google “red velvet wasp.” You’ll see pictures that are not as good as hers!

The internet sources we looked at said that although there have been no documented cases of these insects actually killing a cow, their stings (especially from a swarm of them) can be extremely painful and can cause bruising and swelling, sometimes for months after the actual attack.

That’s just one example of new things we’ve seen on golf courses.

Another would be the amazing recurring phenomenon of golf balls (hit by me, not your mother) that seem to have a supernatural attraction for water and/or trees.

Keeping track of actual SCORE, in accordance with the “Rules of Golf,” can be a real distraction from the beauty and spectacle of a golf course.

But (*SIGH*) if you MUST know... Your mother played quite well (including getting an eagle on a par 5 and several birdies) despite the difficulties of those very hard golf courses.

I, on the other hand, had a score which would be best described by the one-word title of your blog post of today.

Get the picture?


M.E Ellis said...

I won't go and see the pictures as I don't like biddies.


Christina said...

biddies? what are biddies?

and when i asked for scores, i wanted numbers.

Duke_of_Earle said...

You need to ask Michelle about the biddies, but I assume from the context they are bugs (insects).

As for numbers, take your pick. I'm not providing any.