Saturday, July 01, 2006

Is it hot where you are?

It's hot here!

We have arrived in Montgomery, AL, and are in an RV park with the camper all set up.

We're sitting in front of the airconditioner outflow trying to get our shirts dry before we go to eat supper somewhere.

Why are our shirts wet? Rain?


The temperature in central Alabama is 100 degrees plus (that's almost 40 C, Michelle), and we're drenched from moving around in the heat setting up the camper. One little town we passed through about 90 minutes ago had a bank sign that reported a temp of 105! I believe it.

Our camp site has no shade, so the little air conditioner is going full blast and has not yet gained any advantage over the heat-soaked interior of the camper.

Let me tell you, the ice-cold beer tasts WONDERFUL!

Okay, Carol is saying it's time to go find some supper. Guess that's all the post you get tonight. We DO have (pirated) Wi-Fi here, so I'll try to get you a report tomorrow evening about our first day of golf tomorrow. I know you just can't WAIT, but try.

Till tomorrow...


M.E Ellis said...

It's fugging hot here too!


robotJAM said...

Michelle's right, its utterly horrid over the pond atm, although I hear thunder coming right this very moment.

Right turn off PC before thunder/"C" attack.

Michelle said...

I am sitting here with socks, my warm comfy slippers, sweat pants, three longsleeved tops and I am COLD! And I would not trade it at the moment - am enjoying our winter so far.

Have a swell time.

Shesawriter said...

Hot? Try wet. :-(

Karyn Lyndon said...

It's actually a bit the pool. But I thought I would pass out today from the heat at the Lowe's garden center....which seems to have become our home away from home now that we're trying to figure out landscaping.

Hale McKay said...

I can't stand the heat - so i stayed out of the kitchen. Actually it is the 70%+ humidity we usually get with high temperatures. That's the price living so close to the Gulf Stream.

robotJAM said...

My present situation is now hotter that a hot potato. Its hot+