Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fighting the “C”

Sorry. I apologize.

I had planned to post some of Carol’s nice photographs, with a humorous narrative to go along with them. I had also planned to scan and post a comic strip that seemed applicable to my narrative.

But when I tried to use the HP software to operate my HP all-in-one scanner/printer/copier, I got an error message saying that the scanner didn’t seem to be properly connected, and the computer could not communicate with it.

I have spent much of the rest of today trying unsuccessfully to fix the problem.

It HAS to be a problem with the software, because I can scan using Adobe Photoshop (same scanner, same connection). The error message originates from the HP software. I have removed that software and reinstalled it. I have downloaded current drivers and software from the HP web site. I have unplugged the scanner numerous times. I have disabled the USB drivers that operate the scanner using the Hardware Manager in Windows, and then tried to let Windows detect the scanner as “new hardware” and set it up as it desired.

None of that worked.

Why do I care, you ask? As long as I can scan using Photoshop, what difference does it make, right?

Well, it’s the PRINCIPLE of the thing. It used to work fine. I didn’t do anything to the software. All I did was turn the computer off for 5 days while I was away in Alabama.

Oh, and there’s another thing. When I start the computer (reboot), before anything else appears on the screen I get a message I’ve NEVER seen before. It’s a black background with white print. It lists the Intel processor and speed, various pieces of hardware installed on the machine, and at the bottom tells me to “Press F1 to continue.” The startup process will not proceed until I press F1.

It NEVER used to do this. EVER! I came back from my vacation, turned the computer on for the first time in 5 days, and there was the message.


I have no idea.

Does it matter?

(Same answer.)

On Monday I’ll ask my I.T. guys at work. Chances are they won’t know either, but they’ll Google the problem and find the answer on some remote Geek site they know about. Meanwhile I’ve wasted an entire day I could have spent writing, or browsing your blogs, or doint something more productive.

The “C” is alive and well, folks.



kenju said...

I think I will print this to keep for when my all-in-one messes up, then I will know what to try to get it going again. Please let me know what your IT guys say.

When I reboot, I see that same black screen window, white print, and press F1 - however, mine disappears by itself and I don't have to press F1.

Maybe your computer updated itself when you first turned it back on after vacation. Sometimes that happens to me and overnight, it can change itself from Outlook Express email to MS Office outlook (which I don't want). Fortunately, I have learned how to get it back easily.

Hope you solve your problem, John, and soon!

Christina said...

yeah, and as you know, at the same time you were dealing with your computer problems, MY computer inexplicably froze up. I tried rebooting it several times and could not get it to come up at all. right when I decided to call for help though, it came on fine and everything opened fine, just like nothing had ever happened. it's toying with me. i better not piss it off.

Emmy Ellis said...

Not the printer thing again?

That 'C' really loves you!


Unknown said...

John: try turning the HP off, unplugging it, disconnect it from the computer. Then hook it all back up again. Often, that forces Windows to take a fresh look at what is attached.