Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekend? ALREADY!?

Y’know, I could get used to a 2-day work week REEEEEEL fast! And it only cost me one vacation day! What a deal.

Now it’s Friday evening. I’ve caught up with the posts of most of my blogroll regular readers from the last few days, left a bunch of comments (but not as many as I’d like to have left, so don’t feel bad if I missed commenting on yours), and sent out some emails. I have a stack of 5 newspapers to go through (mostly just scan quickly and read the important stuff — comics!) And in the two days I spent in the office I almost got caught up there too.

Especially since a lot of my co-workers spent THREE vacation days and took the entire week off. Sounds nice, but if I’d spent any more days trying to play golf in that heat I’d never have made it past about the third hole.

The hottest temperature I’ve ever played golf in was 108. No, that’s not the heat index; it’s the actual temperature. That was in Dallas about 7-8 years ago. But at least on that day the wind was blowing and the humidity was low. You had to drink water constantly, but it didn’t feel as hot as it did in Alabama.

Carol is working on the pictures she took, so maybe tomorrow I’ll have some for you to see. Tonight I need to mow the weeds lawn, and Carol has already hinted told me in no uncertain terms that I’m taking her out for Mexican food tonight.

So, you get another short post with little interesting stuff. *SIGH*

At least tomorrow’s SATURDAY!!

OH, hey! I almost forgot. Remember Christina, my older daughter who lives in Tampa? She's a frequent commenter on this blog and on some of your blogs also. (And a frequent victim of the "C." Shhhhh.)

Anyway, she has now started her own blog, in which she threatens to expose me for the charlatan I am. She knows better, however, because I have a LOT more interesting stories to tell about her than she does about me! Right Christina? So we'll both just keep all that family stuff private. Right? Right.

She's in my blogroll near the top (second one down). The title of her blog is "Another Day in Paradise." Stop by and say howdy if you have a minute. Thanks!


Hale McKay said...

THe family that blogs together - stays together? I dropped by and welcomed her aboard.

Christina said...

thanks for the plug, dad! Ok, I'll be nice and not share any embarrassing stories about you. I have enough embarrassing stories about myself to post.

Nankin said...

Well, now that you're back, I'm leaving town. Keep cool. We're headed for New Mexico where it gets about 80 and everyone complains how hot it is.


Emmy Ellis said...

Popping in to say hellooooooo!


Ana Lee Kennedy said...

She read PERVALISM for my author M.E. Ellis and loved it.