Thursday, July 27, 2006

Drought broken

While many parts of this country (and others) are suffering from record heat, we who live near the Texas coast have been getting rained on for the past several days.

So much so, in fact, that I heard on the radio this morning that with the 7 inches we’ve received in the last few days Victoria, TX, is now slightly above its “normal” rainfall total for this far into the year. Gee, just a few months ago we were supposed to be in “extreme drought” conditions. RobotJam over in Warwick, England, was asking me to come collect some of the rains that had his garden saturated and haul the water back here.

It looks like Mother Nature has handled that feat for us.

So is the moral of the story that all things balance out in time? Perhaps, “Be careful what you wish for – you might get it?”

Don’t know, but the rain is certainly welcome.

Oh, and there’s still no public word on the investigation of my neighbor’s house fire and her death. From our perspective the fire was almost certainly set. With gasoline or a similar accelerant. But we don’t know for certain, so that’s just speculation.

When we learn more I’ll let you know.


Hale McKay said...

April May and June we were being deluged with rain in the new England area. Let me correct that - it was the entire Eastern seaboard!

...Now we are in a run of 85 to 96 degree days. So far we haven't had 3 90 degree days in a row to qualify as an official heatwave, but with the humidity hovering around 70% it has been uncomfortable to say the least.
...Three weeks ago, I was sick of rain, but I am going to throw caution to the wind and wish for some rain soon.

kenju said...

Last year and the year before, we had very little rain and were about 5-6 inches below the norm. They even instituted water restrictions in some areas. As of this time, that drought has been replaced by a surplus - so indeed - we should be careful what we wish/pray for. I'd rather have it this way than to be dry again, though.

Anonymous said...

You must be pleased that it is raining - your golf ball will soon no longer disappear down a crater on the golf course. :-)

Hope you have a grand weekend.

Monica said...

those of us in northern Texas sure wish you in southern Texas...would share the rain. :)

Ana Lee Kennedy said...

We got a nice shower today, but that was all. We need some rain badly.

Trish said...

Were getting baked over here in central Washington. Please, feel free to wish as much over here as you like.

Wish hard. Okay??