Thursday, July 06, 2006

The “C?” Or just laziness?

Regardless of the cause, it was frustrating.

As I reported in my last post (last Sunday — 4 days ago), we were having a great time golfing in Montgomery and staying in our camper (with free Wi-Fi access).

Starting Monday our laptop could “see” several unsecured wireless networks, but do you think it could “connect” to any of them when told to do so? No. And why not? I’ll probably never know, so I might as well blame the “C,” right?

Once I WAS able to connect with “Limited connectivity” (translation: no internet. What good is that?) but never again, though I tried and tried.

Yes, I know. If I’d really been dedicated I could have drafted a blog post off line, and then taken the laptop a few blocks down the road from the campground and found another unsecured wireless network to connect to.

Call me un-dedicated.

Each day was enjoyable, but long and very hot. It was forecast to be at least 99 degrees each day we were there, and we had very little breeze. The golf course actually sent employees around the course in carts with ice chest full of ice and ice-water-soaked wash cloths. They handed them out to anyone who wanted one, and believe you me, they felt WONDERFUL!

I would lean back and spread one over my whole face and just let the ice water drip down around my neck and shoulders. Then I’d fold the icy cloth over in half and lay it around the back of my neck while I went to hit the next shot.

I guess my point is this: When we finished our 36 holes of golf each day and returned to the air conditioned camper, all I wanted was a cold beer or two, dinner, a shower, and to remain unmoving until bed time. I did NOT want to get in the car and drive somewhere to access the internet.

So we took a three-day vacation from emails and blogs, and just spent time with each other. That’s a very nice thing to do every now and then.

So yes, call me un-dedicated.

Oh, and on Wednesday (yesterday) we drove for nearly 13 straight hours pulling our camper home so I could go to work today. Last night, after putting things away and getting ready for work today, I didn’t even feel like reading everyone’s comments. I put that off until today and went to bed.

Today I read your comments and well-wishes for the 4th. I realized what a neat bunch of people this blog has allowed me to become acquainted with. Y’all are the best!

I apologize to those who stopped by several times and found nothing. We’re fine—just lazy. Carol DID take some pictures, but hasn’t even cropped or edited them yet, so they will wait another day or two. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll be all rested up and back in my usual irrepressible mood.

Check back... You never know!


Nankin said...

Glad you're back home safe and sound. And to your comment about people calling 911...not a soul. I guess they didn't want to get involved.

r.e.wolf said...

That's not "un-dedicated" - that's just plain sanity. (We'll ignore the question of sanity in playing 36 holes in that HEAT! Sheesh!)

Glad you had a great trip, though!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Welcome back...and nice description of the icy made me want one.

Zinnia said...

The humidity moved out of our region and I was actually shivering! It was in the 70s but without that stifling humid air, it felt like the 50s.

Hey, the chickens are back on my blog...

Monica said...

Continue having fun on your vacation!!!

kenju said...

Mr. Kenju's brother was here visiting this past week, and he played golf with a business associate of his about 40 mies away. He had not played in about a year, and it was 98* in the shade and the heat index was 108. He is overweight. I am surprised that he didn't have a heat stroke, since he lives in a cooler climate. I can't believe anyone would play golf in THAT heat!

Michelle said...

Its nice to have you back home.

I am impressed with the employees of the golf course offering ice and cold cloths to keep you cool. That is service. I don't blame you for not wanting to move when you got home - I would certainly not call it un-dedicated.

Don't you just love going back to work at the "end" of the week? Weekend is here already.

Christina said...

those ice cold washcolths sound great here too - temps have been in the 90's with about 90% humidity. we were planning to hit the beach this weekend, but now its supposed to rain. :(