Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our trip (Photos!)

Okay. Enough about the "C" and computer problems.

Here's the post you've been waiting for. Well, some of you have. For a week, at least.

Carol's pictures of our trip to play golf in Alabama over the July 4'th holiday weekend!

Without further build-up or ado, click HERE to see them.


Nankin said...

John, great pics. I bought a new camera for our trip to NM and hope mine turn out as nice.

Anonymous said...

The photographs are stunning as usual. The commentary was brilliant.

I think that golf course is awesome but I would not want to play golf, I would just like to wander around, view the wildlife, check out the flora, sit by the lake - it is just like a botanical garden.

I see Carol enjoys her photography. She should go and visit my first ever blogfriend in Canada who captures the most amazing photographs. You can get lost in the beauty of her photographs.

Christina said...

Beautiful golf course, but looks wicked hard. How did you do? Share the scores.

Candace said...

I tried to post something yesterday, but I guess Blogger ate it.

Anyway - our one and only trip through the Deep South was in the autumn. Everything was pretty, but when we got to Alabama, I thought, "No WONDER they call it Alabama The Beautiful, because it's the prettiest of all!"

Thanks for the pics of Alabama in the summertime.