Sunday, July 09, 2006


About my computer and printer problems...

First, thanks to those of you who have offered suggestions. r.e. wolf, I've tried the complete unplugging and disconnecting and rebooting numerous times (including disabling all the USB functions that the printer established before re-connecting and re-booting). No luck.

I just Googled "Press F1 to continue" and learned that error message can be caused by anything from a new hardware installation to a failing hard drive, or even a dying CMOS battery. I'm kind of betting now on the failing CMOS battery (although that also is what keeps the date and time function working—and they still are so I don't know—but this computer is now 5 years old and could need a new little battery.)

Maybe the two problems are related and the computer is sensing the printer problem as an improperly connected piece of new hardware. Maybe the USB hub I added has a problem and that caused all the rest.

But MAYBE it's the "C," trying to convince me I need a new computer.

You know, one of those dual processor, faster, sleeker, sexier ones! *Drool* I mean, the computer I'm using is one I assembled from individual components 5 years ago. Even though I had help from our I.T. guy at work, there was a lot of "trial and error" (heavy on the "error!").

Oooooo. It IS tempting.

But first I'll talk to my I.T. guys again and try everything I know to try. And to keep this "problem" in proper perspective, I CAN still use the computer and printer. The printer still prints just fine — it's the scan function that is questionable. And I can still scan using commands from Photoshop.

I tend to be "conservative" (read: "tight") with my money, so unless it fails I'll probably keep using this machine for a while yet.

Meanwhile I'll replace the CMOS battery and see what happens. That's probably the cheapest possible fix.

Stand by for further news as it breaks (pun intended).


schnoodlepooh said...

Good luck with that. I think you need a new fancy machine. And don't get started with that electronic conspiracy thing right now, okay? Everything at my house is working just fine, thank you, including the computer.

M.E Ellis said...

Yes, buy yourself a new computer!


Ivy said...

I cant help but chuckle.. See the big C keeps hitting. And hitting. And hitting. And hitting. Well you get the point! I refuse to even use the term "well whats next" anymore because I know now.. Something will come next! Only now.. It seems to be centering around my husband more than myself. But you know what gives him problems is going to cause me problems..

I say go buy a new machine. BUT get an extended and maybe even an extended, extended warranty.. LOL

r.e.wolf said...


kenju said...

Take charge of the "C", John. Buy a new one before the old one breaks! Teach it a lesson!

robotJAM said...

its 5 years old ???

Buy a new one duke, you do know the manufacturers build in a self destruct after 5 years. Its activated by one of them microsoft updates.

Michelle said...

Last I commented things went badly wrong. I am keeping mum until you give the All Clear.

Now commenting on Carols fabulous pics and witty comments would be an entirely different matter.


Duke_of_Earle said...

Smart, Michelle. VERY smart!


P.S. In fact, that applies to BOTH Michelles.

Shesawriter said...

I see a new 'puter on the horizon. Get IT before IT gets YOU. ;-)

Christina said...

Yeah, I agree, get a new computer!

Kirsten said...

My vote: new computer.

(And it's New Computer in a landslide!)