Sunday, June 12, 2005

Christina’s further vindication.

I know that all of my MANY regular readers (both of you) followed with avid interest the tales of my daughter’s unemployment compensation denial, appeal, reversal, further appeal, and ultimate victory. (How’s THAT for a one-sentence summary of about 10 long posts, eh? And you both said I was wordy! HA!)

As you’ll remember, she worked at a medical specialty practice for 14 months before being fired for what seemed to be no good reason. When her unemployment comp. was ultimately upheld and approved, she felt vindicated.

Hey, wouldn’t you? A governmental agency (unbiased, by definition) agreed with Christina that there had been no misconduct, as alleged by the employer.

Well, here’s some follow up. That medical practice had four specialists working there when Christina was hired. Over the next 13 months, three of them left for other locations. One of them (I’ll call him Dr. T) moved to the part of Florida where my daughter is now planning to move. He had always seemed to appreciate her work, so she contacted him on Friday to ask if she could use him as a reference.

She called his current practice, expecting to just leave him a message. To her surprise he came to the phone when he learned who was calling. They had a very pleasant conversation that went something like this:

Dr. T: “I heard you aren’t working at (the former practice) any more.”
Christina: “That’s right. I was fired by Mr. Queen for something I said.”
Dr. T: “Oh, Christina, that’s ridiculous! You were always very professional.”
Christina: “Well, Mr. Queen thought that I——”
Dr. T: “Don’t worry about it. I had problems with Mr. Queen when I was there, too. In fact, I’m still having problems. I’ll be delighted to give you a reference.”

There was more, and that’s not word-for-word (I didn’t hear it, remember?), but you can imagine how good it made my daughter feel that at least one of the specialists at the practice thought very highly of her and will give her a good reference.

One of her biggest fears has been that she would not be able to get a good job because prospective employers would check with her former boss. Heck, I would if I were going to hire someone. In fact, I always check past employment. I’m an HR manager. That’s what we DO.

But now she can just list Dr. T as her former employer in Texas, and not worry about a bad reference. A good feeling!


Carol and I golfed again today, and at Michelle’s insistence we took the camera. Despite my protests that taking the camera would absolutely preclude any wildlife sightings, we saw the fawn (I’m accepting Karyn’s assurance that it IS the same fawn) again. This time it was lying under some trees in a different part of the golf course.

Carol put a tree between herself and the fawn and crept up quite close for what ought to be some EXCELLENT pictures. Trouble is, we used a film camera and have a bunch of shots still untaken on that roll of film. Some day (soon, I hope) we’ll get them developed, scan the good ones of the fawn, and show them to you. He’s a cutie!

Then we can all start the verse over: “Doe, a deer, a female deer...”


Karyn Lyndon said...

...natural, wheat, toast, sandstone, oatmeal...

Duke_of_Earle said... nauseum?

Karyn Lyndon said...

...camel, caramel, neutral, cafe au lait, putty, luggage, desert, praline, saddle, chino, shell, stucco, cognac, oak, antelope, tobacco, driftwood...

Anonymous said...

Karyn you left out sh*t. And if you can keep quiet for a moment so we can get a word in edgeways, that would be really nice *grin*.

I would like to say I am really looking forward to photographic evidence of your wildlife John and hope that they guys at the lab don't stuff up your photos. :-)

the many Bs said...

A lot of times, the mother will be hiding just out of sight.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Wait a minute!
Based on my extensive recent research at airport baggage claim areas, the vast majority of luggage is BLACK.
I think Karyn is just showing off. But hey, if you've got it, flaunt it.
Thanks, Michelle. I was thinking of "grey poupon" and "baby poop" as a couple of other shades.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Hey! I'm not making this stuff up. It says "luggage" right there in the book.

And while sh*t and baby poop can indeed be light brown in color, I think you'll agree they're not very appealing names for articles of clothing. (Would you like to buy a sh*t brown polo shirt to match your baby poop shoes?)

Grey Poupon has registered trademark issues. We try to avoid color names with legal entanglements.