Saturday, June 11, 2005

The same fawn?

Remember my sighting of Bambi at our local golf course on May 28? (Click HERE to read it.) We were back there today and saw another one, or the same one (how can you tell the difference?)

Today’s fawn was larger (two weeks older?), but was lying in the same spot as before, under some trees between the same two fairways. We didn’t see it (good camouflage!) until Carol walked close and it jumped up and stared at her, ready to dash off.

Carol didn’t want to scare it so she managed to get my attention without shouting, and pointed.

The fawn just stood there, twitching its tail and staring at us as we moved slowly away from it. I’d guess it stood 16 inches high at the shoulder, and almost two feet high at the top of its head. Its belly and the underside of its tail were white; while the rest of it was a pale tan (I know—fawn color. I didn’t want to have to say it, but...) with lots of little white spots on its back.

Today there was no dash, no race with a car, no acrobatics or turns that defy physical laws. This fawn just looked around, moved slowly in and out of the shadows of the trees, and watched us walk away. When we later looked back we couldn’t see it, but Carol noticed a dark spot on the ground in the shade. We feel sure that was it.

So, for all of you who wondered if the fawn of two weeks ago was ever reunited with its mama or if it survived being spooked and racing into the forest, I think we can assume the best rather than the worst. I don’t know how fast they grow at that age, but the little one of the other post couldn’t have been older than a week or two. This one was still very small, but more mature.

I’d like to think it was the same fawn.

"And that will bring us back to doe!" (I never did finish that song last time.)

And for all you sports fans who really want to know, I had a lower score on the front nine than Carol! Yes, it’s true. No, I don’t care whether you believe it or not. The fact is; she was playing very badly at the start and my play was above average. So there! It CAN happen.

What? You want to know the score at the end of the round? Well, let’s just say that her score on the back nine improved by 12, while mine went the other direction. Okay, okay; if you MUST know, she won the round.

(But if we had quit after nine, I would have! So there!)


Michelle said...

I am glad Bambi is doing well and not so glad that you yet AGAIN failed to take your camera with you *grin*. Just as a matter of interest - use it, don't use it - we have Springbok roaming our links golf courses here. Naturally if you go to a golf course like Sun City - you have to watch out for hippo's.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Now THERE'S a hazard I have never encountered on a golf course.

Tell you what... This afternoon we plan to play golf again. I WILL take the camera. That will guarantee that I will NOT see any wildlife, but if it make the goddess happy...

Karyn Lyndon said...

Yes!!! I just know it's the same fawn...I'm worried about it getting hit by a golfball, though. If it were me (a name I call myself) I would "encourage" the dear little deer to move.

Speaking of the color "fawn": As a catalog editor we deal with "describing" colors all the time. The manufacturer's and our own branding department like to get creative with color names. This year one of the popular colors is bougainvillea. Besides the fact that a word this long doesn't FIT on the color swatch it's also hard to remember how to spell. And would you know what color bougainvillea is?

Another interesting color is green it it yellow? Sounds a bit schizo to me...

And do you KNOW how many light browns there are? Tan, beige, taupe, fawn, khaki, oyster, string, light brown, mocha, coffee, bisque, sand, stone, biscuit...