Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vice President? ME??!!

No, not of the United States. Good Grief! That’d be a hoot! (And then a quick BOOT.)

OK, let me explain.

I agreed a year ago to serve on the board of the local (Victoria, TX) workforce center. They call themselves “Workforce Solutions of the Golden Crescent.”

The “Golden Crescent” is one of those Chamber of Commerce supposedly descriptive names for this area of Texas. Other examples are: Corpus Christi — “The Coastal Bend;” Beaumont, Orange, and Port Arthur — “The Golden Triangle.” You get the idea.

The board consists of over 30 members representing both public and private sectors in each of the seven counties in the service area. One term on the board is three years.

Heck, the board only meets once a month for about 90 minutes. And they skip the months of July and December, so it’s not much of a time commitment.

Well, today I got a phone message from the head of the Nominating Committee for board officers. I’ve only been a board member for 10 months, and haven’t served on many committees, so I figured he wanted me to be part of the nominating group. That’s pretty easy, so I called him back ready to tell him sure, I’d be on his committee. When’s the next meeting?

Oh, no; SURPRISE! His message for me when I call is that the committee wants to nominate ME to be the V.P.! (That would be a good line in a poem… “me, be, V.P.” Great assonance, huh?)

(Karyn, do you know what “assonance” is? No, it’s NOT something you write about on Freaky Friday! And yes, I spelled it correctly. But thanks for asking.)

Well, I stammered a bit, trying to think of good reasons why I would NOT want to be the V.P. I came up with a couple, but they were weak and he had already thought of rebuttals for them. I gave up and humbly agreed to serve if the board so voted.

I know. This is boring, right? OK, I’ll stop writing about it.

Well, one more thing for the old resume, I guess.

Now if I could just put “Published Novelist” on there… (Without lying, of course. Resume fraud may be the topic for a later post.)


kenju said...

I just looked at the first 10-12 posts of the African photos. They are wonderful; I'll come back until I've seen them all.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Veep. Yep, sounds good!
--Candace (blogger's not recognizing my login, for some reason)

Karyn Lyndon said...

What a smart assonance usage, John!

And VP sounds like an easy job...you just have to hope the president stays healthy, right?

Okay, okay...congratualtions.

mike said...

A promotion (whether wanted or feigned not wanted) is always worthy of congratulations. I'm sure they thought you were worthy. You are, aren't you? So keep the bleep deep, veep. (Sorry, a little assonance of my own.)

schnoodlepooh said...

Congrats on the VP. the published author will be next.