Thursday, June 09, 2005

A little more on love

After re-reading yesterday’s post and comments, along with a couple of emails, I think I may have given a more negative outlook on the possibility of “love at first sight” than I intended.

I am, with regards to basic beliefs and philosophy, a romantic. Thus I don’t discount the possibility of love at first sight. In fact, I believe there are cases in which two souls have sensed the presence of magic before they’ve met (on the basis of a description from someone else, for example).

Karyn’s example of meeting her husband and Hamel’s, “You can tell a person's personality from their appearance and mannerisms and fall in love with them,” are excellent points. (See yesterday’s comments.) (Yes, believe it or not, Karyn actually made a good point. Must be a blue moon.)

I believe that you can indeed watch a person enter a room and intuit a lot about him(/her) from movements, dress, and grooming (physical aspects). The “magic” I mentioned is more the “connection” between the souls that Michelle (the African goddess) spoke of.

I wasn’t trying to argue against “love at first sight.” I just intended to relate that in my experience it took more than a glance. Mine was “love at first meeting.” That meeting encompassed getting to know the person inside that great-looking exterior. I fell in love with the whole package.

And, of course, we’re still getting to know one another after decades. And the love just keeps on growing!

That’s probably why my glass is always at least ¾ full. I'm a romantic optimist—what can I say?

(Oh. This just occurred to me—speaking of souls that connect. A definition of “connect” might be, “Descriptive of people who do not like the cervical region.”)


Karyn Lyndon said...

Re: good points. Oh boy, I made a good point!

Re: inane definitions. Christina, please tell your Dad to discontinue this continual contriving of "con" words before I have to constrict his neck with little or no constraint (or is that restraint?)

Robin said...

Awe, now I feel bad. I meant my comment to AGREE with you. I don't believe in love at first sight. However, love at first meeting is definitely possible! :)

Christina said...

Re: love at first sight. I don't believe one can fall into true love just at a glance, but there can definitely be a very real connection which, if pursued, has a good chance of becoming that love.

Re: inane definitions. OMG, Karyn, I have been subjected to my dad's horrible puns and attempts at jokes for 32 years now. We've tried to tell him to quit, we've tried threatening, we even had an intervention once, and I've decided it's hopeless! Constrict away.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Let's see... "Constrict."

Def: Descriptive of someone who tends to be lenient, esp. in terms of discipline.

(Source: "Dictionary of the Moment," 2nd edition.)

Christina said...

See what I mean? The more you try to put a stop to it, the more you encourage him. Maybe if we just quietly change the subject, we can forget that the DotM ever existed. Wishful thinking, I guess.

Michelle said...

I know you are a romantic optimist. Why do you think I am hanging around your blog? For fun? Nah Uh ... I want an autographed copy of your book when it is published. *rofl*.

Seriously Duke John of Earle. I likes me some romance. I likes me to be falling in luuurve at first bite ummm I mean sight but I have recently had an encounter with romance which has put me off it for a long long time. Unless you can convince me otherwise *grin*. And don't you have a rather nice 40-something decent guy you can introduce me to? If not, why not? *lol*.

Anonymous said...

I'll just add this: for two souls to connect, something's got to be exchanged on the inside; that's more likely to happen between hearts or spleens even than nice abs or a butt.