Thursday, June 02, 2005

Time to get out of town!

Did I tell you about the pop-up camper we have? I didn’t? I need to fix that.

OK, here’s the quick background: For years (ever since the early 80s, back when our kid were, in fact, kids) we’ve owned a Coleman pop-up camper. Actually, we've owned two of them. After about 12 years we sold the original one and bought a bigger one.

We have pulled those campers all over the USA. We’ve camped from the Florida Keys north to Vermont, and west to California. We’ve camped at Las Vegas...

(A quick funny story about that. You’ve heard of the Vegas resort “Circus Circus,” right? In Las Vegas we stayed at the KOA, but one daughter told folks that she was staying with her parents at “Camper Camper.” She got lots of weird looks.)

(Well, it was funny at the time! I guess you had to be there.)

…and lots of other places too numerous to list. Well, not really too numerous. I’m just too lazy.

ANYway, about two years ago Carol (my wonderful wife) began lusting after a hard-sided pop-up camper made by TrailManor. This year we bit the bullet, sold the second Coleman tent pop-up, and bought a TrailManor camper.

It is REALLY nice! Like the ads say, it tows like a pop-up but opens up to be like a regular full-size camping trailer.

(Btw, we sold the Coleman on eBay motors. Fantastic deal! I set a reserve at full “blue book” value and ended up getting $500 more than that!)

You already know we like to play golf. So, what do you think we like to do on long weekends? And sometimes on regular weekends when our local course is closed for a tournament and other circumstances permit?

We go out of town, stay in our camper, and play golf!

Well, OK all you purists, Carol plays golf. I go around the course with her, hacking and muttering, swatting at the ball and trying to focus on the beautiful weather and scenery. Maybe the wildlife, if there is any. Most of the actual golf is played by Carol.

This Saturday and Sunday will find us near Bastrop, Texas. The state park where we camp doesn’t offer high speed wireless internet access at the campsite like some of the commercial campsites do, so I’ll be “off the air” after tomorrow.

Maybe that’s good. I can’t be a smart ass and make people mad when I’m off the air, can I?

Well, OK, MOST people can’t. But I probably can.

I’ll think up some really smart ass stuff to blog about when I get back home. So watch out—next week might be a booger-bear. (Is that a Texas expression? Robin, do you folks in New England say “booger-bear?”) It means… no, I don’t think I’ll analyze that expression from my DotM.

Somebody’d think I was being a smart ass and I’d get in more trouble.


Karyn Lyndon said...

I have two words for you: wireless laptop. No self-respecting pop-up leaves home without one. (Is self-respecting pop-up an oxymoron?)

I can see it blogging by the light of the flickering campfire. I'm sure Carol would LOVE it!

Duke_of_Earle said...

Actually, a wireless laptop is available. It's just that at this campground (State Park) there's no wireless connection. Otherwise I'd be happily blogging while Carol was out filing for divorce.

And speaking of oxen, as well as morons, there are days when I relate to both.

Karyn Lyndon said...

"Otherwise I'd be happily blogging while Carol was out filing for divorce."

Cracked me up...I didn't see it coming...

Anonymous said...

No wireless internet connection available, huh? I guess you let Mom choose the campground!

Robin said...

Never heard of the expression booger-bear!