Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More on Music

To my family and blog friends: yesterday’s post of assigning an old song to you as descriptive of one or more of your attributes was NOT intended as an in-depth psychological analysis and definition of your character. (Many of you ARE characters, but that’s another post.)

You should see the emails I got from some! You’d think I’d called them dirty names.

Well, I DID come down a little hard of Karyn. But hey, that’s what we DO to each other. (In a figurative sense, you dirty-minded people!)

I thought of some other possibilities for some, such as “Rockin’ Robin” by Bobby Day for Robin. I had some other plays on names. (Not for Schnoodlepooh, however. That name is a play on itself, I think.)

If you enjoyed the attempts and actually remember (or admit that you have heard) some of those songs, go to Mike’s blog and try his song title contest. There’s a link in his sidebar to the answers. I wonder how long that took him to write and chronicle!

Anyway, even though my post was a quick and shallow effort, it still took a lot of time. Made me glad my blogroll is as short as it is! I’ll keep adding to it, but probably won’t try to go down it again assigning song titles.

Viki wanted to know if I was making up a meme. Since I still can’t pronounce that word (I assume it’s “MEEM,” but at least one person told me it has two syllables, as in “MEE – MEE”) I don’t know WHAT I’ve created.

However, it IS a good idea. If you like it, I challenge you to pick, oh, say, 5 bloggers from your “frequent read” list, assign a song to them for whatever reason you like, put the list on your own blog and then tag each of them to do the same.

There! I just created a meme. (WOO – HOO!)

WARNING: Be advised that your participation in this meme may be hazardous to your blogging health if your targets disagree with your assessment of their “attributes” and your resulting choice of a song. You’re liable to get some nasty emails wanting to know why you didn’t assign them “You’ve Got What it Takes” (Brooks Benton and Dinah Washington) instead of “Kathy’s Clown” (Everly Brothers), or maybe “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” (Connie Francis).


Anonymous said...

I like the MeMe idea (may-may, maybe?) If I had to choose a song to reflect myself - perhaps 'Old Time Rock & Roll' by Pete Seeger coz I like the 50s as well as 60s - a close 2nd might be "Out Of The Blue" by Tommy James and the Shondelles- because a lot of my blog ideas seem to pop out of the air or out of the blue. Or: "Time Won't Let Me"-the Outsiders - I never seem to have enough to write all I would like to.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I guess some people just can't take a "pick a song from the 60s and 70s for your blogroll" joke.

Re: meme. So...what? You're saying you want us to make the people in our blogroll made at us, too?

Karyn Lyndon said...

Made = mad

Michelle said...

Yes, I like the meme idea and I think I am going to do it one of these fine days.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Re: "made = mad"

If you're good at it, as I seem to be (making people mad), those words DO seem synonymous. As Jimmy Buffett sings in "Margaritaville," "And I know, hell it could be my fault."
Sometimes it's my fault, as when I try to be a smart ass and end up being a dumbass. Other times... well... Yeah, I guess it's my fault then, too. (Next verse Jimmy changes it to, "It's my own damn fault.")

What can I say? I AM good at it. (Usually they get over it, though, since I'm such a likable guy.)

Robin said...

I cannot tell you how many times I have had the song "Rockin' Robin" sung to me in reference to my name. And "Fly, Robin, Fly" as well. Then there are the references to Robin Hood and Batman & Robin. I've heard them all. ALL! :)

Karyn Lyndon said...

Re: making people mad. YOU??? NOOOOO...NEVER!!!

schnoodlepooh said...

For the record, you did NOT make me mad. I thought it was cute. AND the song that I assign to you = Paperback Writer by The Beatles. And I don't mean it in an offensive way at all, so don't get mad.

katydanzer said...

I'm upset I didn't get a song.