Friday, June 24, 2005

A comment on Karyn's "Freaky Friday" Post

(Iambic heptameter, for those of you categorizing my attempts at verse.)


I knew today was Friday when I stumbled from my bed.
And only ONE THING kept me from my “final workday” dread.

You see, tomorrow’s Saturday! And it can’t come too soon.
I’ll do some projects round the house, then golf all afternoon!

But Friday means it’s off to work, with little chance for fun—
Like writing stories, blogging, reading, lying in the sun—

But Friday also is the day when Karyn’s blog contains
Her “Freaky Friday” sexy post, even when it rains!

I’d something to look forward to! No need for consternation.
I drove to work excited, and in great anticipation.

I waited for my morning break to see what she would write.
Would this week’s post be naughty? Must I keep it out of sight?

In other weeks she’s covered things from “What a Woman Wants,”
Viagra causing blindness, and a gay’s response to taunts,

To people having parties just to try to sell sex toys!
(These parties are for ladies only—nothing for the boys.)

So now I wondered what she’d say, the last day of this week.
Would I be titillated? Bored? Or just too shocked to speak?

With trembling hand I moved the mouse and clicked upon her link.
I read the post and sat there stunned, not knowing what to think!

She thinks the bride called “runaway” was running, not from fright—
About the wedding, or the groom—but of the wedding night?

OK, I guess it’s possible. She must have had some fears;
But couldn’t they have talked about it, maybe over beers?

Oh, wait. She says they’re “Born-Again.” Well, maybe over tea!
Assuming that he loves her (’least, it seems this way to ME),

They could have talked the whole thing out. Avoided all that mess.
Like Karyn says, she could have saved her parents untold stress.

A thoughtful post, and written well. I’m sure you’ll feel the same.
But somehow disappointing, ’cause I found it awfully tame!

So Karyn, when you write your Freaky Friday for next week,
I hope you’ll make it raunchy, not just something mild and meek.

Your readers now expect your Friday post to be so hot
That we can make embarrassed comments (even when we’re not!)


Karyn Lyndon said...

What can I say??? I had a headache? Everyone has an off week every now and then. I promise I'll try to do better next week. Freaky Friday will be so hot you'll be able to smell the smoke all the way down on the coast.

katydanzer said...

Uh oh... be careful what you wish for!

Anonymous said...

Karyn, with that promise, I'll be camped in front of my computer at 12:01 a.m., ready to read. . .

katydanzer said...

Now you have done it! I know what Freaky Friday's post will be. I hear its a 5 flamer!