Saturday, June 18, 2005

A little more on “Christina”

If you’re a regular, you’ve followed the saga of “Christina” (who I’ve now identified as Joy, my older daughter) and her loss of a job and subsequent fight for unemployment benefits.

Yes, this is the same daughter who is now on her way to Florida with her husband, my grandson, and a car full of iguanas. They are moving there in search of better job opportunities.

I’ve written about her fears that she will get horrible references from her former employer, and thus have difficulty getting a good job in the “medical technician” field. The horrible references are a near certainty.

Before leaving Texas last Wednesday she asked me to fax her resume to about 15 medical offices in the Tampa area that had advertised openings in her field.

She called from somewhere in northwest Florida to tell me that she has already had phone calls from FOUR of those medical offices, all of whom are very interested in the experience she has and eager to interview her for openings!

In just a few days she has gone from anxiety about being able to find a job, to talking about waiting for the highest offer!

In addition, the opportunities for her husband Johnny look bright in that area, or at least brighter than they were in Corpus Christi.

Yes, I’ll miss having my one grandchild close by, but this move seems to be a very good thing for Joy and her family. (If you missed the link in and earlier post this week and would like to see the family AND the iguanas, click HERE to see Johnny’s web site and check out the “Pictures” link from the home page.)


Carol and I played golf today. In the heat. I couldn’t find the listing in the paper, but I’m guessing that the local “Hades index” is at least 100%. It sure FEELS as hot as Hell out there. (The thermometer says 96. That’s degrees Fahrenheit, for Michelle and you folks from other parts of the world who use Kelvin, Celsius, or whatever. Regardless of your scale of measure, that’s hot.)

ANY - way, with that said, I just had to tell you that Bambi was out on the course again today. He was lying in about the same spot as before under some trees between two fairways. He’s becoming such a regular sight; I’m going to miss him when he’s no longer there.

My point (for all you who wonder if I EVER have a point) is that he seems to be thriving. My inference is that either he found his Mama, or he’s old enough to browse on his own without mama’s help.


Karyn Lyndon said...

I told you it was the same deer...

RE: Joy Christina...awesome news about the job offers! Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Robin said...

Happy Father's Day John!

Duke_of_Earle said...

How sweet! Thanks, Robin.

Michelle said...

Happy Fathers Day John!

You see that hippo which you have as your blog pic? When you play golf in South Africa, you want to be a good shot and make sure your ball does not land in waterholes! So I have 3 words for you and Carol - practice, practice, practice. (Oh and save, save, save).