Thursday, June 30, 2005

Get Outta Town!

That’s what I plan to do tomorrow.

Carol has been diligent in preparing the camper, assembling food, doing laundry, watering our parched lawn, and similar fun activities to get us ready.

What? Of COURSE I helped with the preparations. Somebody had to call the golf courses we plan to play and reserve tee times, didn’t they? And somebody had to make reservations at the campground, right? Well, OK—I think Carol reserved our campsite. But I made the tee times!

What else did I do? Hey, I helped a LOT! I reminded her to fill up the gas tank on our van on Friday before I get home, so we won’t delay our departure. I helped her plan our meals while we’re gone. And that’s a BIG help.

The meals we planned? Well, I told her to just bring stuff for breakfast and lunch. I’ll take care of all the evening meals. I figure we’ll stop somewhere on the road Friday evening before we get to the campground to set up our “residence.”

Then for Saturday night I put a Pizza Hut coupon in the van so I can get carry-out pizza. For Sunday I’m thinking about a steakhouse restaurant right beside the campground. We’ve seen it before and thought about trying it, but never have. On Monday, we’ll drive home in the late afternoon and scrounge up something in Victoria after we get back.

There! That was a big help to her. I mean, this is supposed to be a holiday for her, too, right? Why should she have to cook dinners and clean up afterwards? See what a considerate husband I am?

Where are we going? Well, I’ll just say “Central Texas.” There are a number of golf courses we enjoy in the region from Austin north to Waco along I-35. I’ll stay away from Crawford, TX. I wouldn’t want one of my (many) stray golf shots to land on our President’s ranch. I’d probably have the Secret Service all over me, and I have enough other worries on the golf course without adding that.

The only down side is I will again be away from the internet and unable to regale my daily blog readers with my ramblings.

No, I checked. This campground does NOT offer “wireless internet access at your campsite,” as a lot of other campgrounds now do. I’m going to let them know at check-in that by this time next year I expect them to have it.

So, my apologies in advance to all (or both) of my regular readers, that there will be no posts for a few days. I’m sure that next week I’ll have some tales to tell about the travel/camping/golfing experience of the Independence Day weekend. But you’ll just have to wait till then to read about them. That’s the price we pay when I get outta town.

Whadayamean, “I ought to do it more often!?” Oh; for my own relaxation and well-being? OK. Thanks. I think.


VikiBabbles said...

Have a great time!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Well, I do work...bring home a paycheck? That counts for something, right?

I'll be on my way to San Angelo Saturday will blogspot do without us?

Duke_of_Earle said...

Thanks, Viki! Did I tell you my younger daughter and husband are moving to Chicago this weekend? They have an apt. in a high-rise down in the loop area. He starts his new job on July 6 a 5-min. walk from their building! Cool, huh?

Karyn, I'll stay clear of San Angelo also. Blogspot will suffer, but I'm sure it will take them a while to get over tomorrow's Freaky Friday on your site!

mike said...

Yes Blogspot will suffer, but it will survive. Have a good time and enjoy. We'll just play through on our postings.

Candace said...

Have a super time and come back with lots of blogworthy stuff!

Candace said...

Hey, it doesn't even have to be blogworthy. I'll settle for so-so posts until you get your groove back. Things are always so hectic when you get back from vay-cay.

schnoodlepooh said...

Have a good time. Somehow we'll manage to get by without reading your witty blogs. I'll look forward to hearing about your camping trip when you return.

Nankin said...

Have a great time. Do you really camp, or do you carry your TV, satelite, telephone, hot water and air conditioning with you? I can remember camping right on the beach in California when I was a kid. There's nothing like it.

kenju said...

You're choosing to stay outside in this heat? I had to do it all day today, but I couldn't help it. Our heat index was 105* and I think the humidity was 120% too. I felt like a wet dishrag before I came back in the house. Have a good vacation and take care in the heat.