Sunday, June 26, 2005

A day of rest?

Not THIS Sunday.

Most Sunday afternoons, weather permitting, will find the two of us on the golf course. Today we have a project in the midst of completion. The next stage of it will take most of an afternoon to complete, and today is the last complete afternoon available for the next couple of weeks.

Besides, we played golf yesterday. Yes, the fawn is still there on the course! We saw him by himself near his usual spot. Each week he’s noticeably bigger. Soon he’ll disappear into the woods and brush to go do whatever adolescent deer do.

Oh, we also saw an adult doe in a different, distant part of the course. She came trotting out of a line of brush adjacent to a fairway. Right behind her came not one but two fawns of identical size, clearly twins. They weren’t running fast; just kind of jogging. We followed them with our eyes for a long way as they loped or trotted across open fairways, into and out of some trees, around other golfers, and finally disappeared into some woods in the distance.

Sorry—no pictures yet. Even if we’d had the camera yesterday we probably wouldn’t have been able to get it out and aimed in time to catch them.

What? Who won the golf match? Well, THERE you go, worrying about winning and losing, score, and all those things. What difference does it make? It was a beautiful day (if a bit hot), the deer were out, and we got some exercise.

OK, OK! If you insist on knowing, Carol beat me by 4 strokes. (And I was playing really well, for me.) But moving right along...

Our project today involves building an arbor at one end of what used to be our swimming pool until we filled it in. It’s now a beautiful landscaped area. I can say that in all modesty because Carol designed it and did most of the work.

What? Of COURSE I helped her. I offered praise and encouragement on a regular basis. After all, I’m a very dutiful husband.

The arbor will be made of pressure treated lumber, and will support some lattice that we hope will soon be covered by jasmine. The four posts are already in the ground and set in concrete. The next phase is cutting and bolting on a framework of two by eights that will support the “roof.” The roof will consist of two by sixes spaced at 18-inch intervals, with additional lattice on top for shade and to encourage the jasmine to cover the entire structure.

Today the roof support framework will go up, and one section of lattice installed to start the jasmine growing. Maybe at some point I’ll take some pictures of all of this to show you what I’m talking about.

Oh, I think I’d better close this post now. I see Carol (through the window) out at the arbor struggling with some of the heavier boards. Guess I’d better go out and offer some encouragement.


Candace said...

Oooh that sounds beautiful! I'm so jealous!

VikiBabbles said...

I'm tagging you. Don't feel obligated to respond, because I never responded to yours when you tagged me.

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Karyn Lyndon said...

Sung to the tune of Home, Home on the Range

Home, home improvement day...
Where they won't see
the baby deer play
Where John can be heard
with encouraging words
And Carol is nailing away.