Monday, July 10, 2006

The "C" seems to be winning

I replaced the CMOS battery. No change in operation or error message.

Then I uninstalled and completely disconnected the offending printer/scanner/copier (herinafter referred to as the "printer") including all software and drivers associated with it.

I rebooted, and STILL had the message "Press F1 to resume."


In defeat, after reboot I re-installed some new printer drivers from the HP web site, turned the ##*!!*&%#! thing on, and found that Windows had no trouble recognizing it for what it was. I can print. I can scan (from Photoshop). I can copy from the controls on the printer itself.

So I have full functionality with a few "workarounds," but I still have an interrupted reboot.

Well, I think I can live with that.

My concern is that something else (like a hard drive) might be failing. That's the third possible reason given for that "F1" error message, after "improperly connected hardware," and "weak battery."

A new computer may be in my near-term future, but not until additional functions go away.

SO... Another day with no writing or other work done on the computer, and little time for reading all of YOUR blogs.

Damned "C!"

P. S. Since the vote was just about unanimous (in the comments to yesterday's post) that I should buy a new computer... Well, if each one of you who voted will kindly send me $100, I can get exactly the model I've been drooling over!

(You can email the money. I can hear it now:

"Duke, I emailed that check weeks ago. I guess the "C" must have got it.)


Anonymous said...

Duke, I think you are approaching this all wrong. I'd get a big old hammer and give it a good kinetic recalibration.

Word of warning, back up your data before attempting this as I will not be held responsible for any loss.

kenju said...

Uh, yeah, that's the ticket!! Mine got lost in the mail.

bigwhitehat said...

That is just the way it goes sometimes.

Emmy Ellis said...

LOL. Great last line!


Anonymous said...

I am still remaining mum. Tub I kniht uoy dluohs yub a wen retupmoc dna retnipr read in mirror).

And get Skype - okay?

Christina said...

my home computer is fine (for the time being, anyway). BUT we just got all brand new computers at work. The one at the tech station (where i work out of) stopped working the same day the computer guy finished setting everything up, and about 5 minutes after he left the building.

Unknown said...

I think it might be that time, John. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the monthly payment to prove it.