Sunday, July 16, 2006

No humor tonight

Carol and I got home from the golf course just before 4 p.m. today.

We drove past my back-yard neighbor's house, and saw her in the driveway with a couple of other people. About 30 minutes later we heard a siren not far away. Carol happened to look out across our back yard and saw this:

Fire trucks and other emergency vehicles were already arriving, so there was nothing we could do to help. Once I determined that, I grabbed the camera.

At one point, a man who had been living there ran across the back yard calling the name of the lady who was the home owner, yelling for her to get out.

I know these images look repetitive, but they are taken from my backyard across the fence to the neighbor's house. The time between them was about 3-4 minutes each.

Through the dense smoke you can see the Victoria Fire Department doing their best to put out the flames. Below one of the firemen seems to be ginving his evaluation of the event.

An altogether bad scene. We've heard from other neighbors that they saw someone being taken out of a window, put on a stretcher, and covered up. We assume that was our neighbor.

More information and possibly pictures (I took 70) tomorrow.

What a horrible situation!


Anonymous said...

Oh John, how awful!!!


kenju said...

John, that is terrible, but I am glad you didn't suffer any damage to your home (at least I assume you didn't).

Candace said...

Oh no - how tragic! The fire looks like it was fully involved by the time help arrived. I wonder what started it.

Glad you and Carol are okay, tho.

Anonymous said...

Fire spreads so rapidly so it was a blessing that it was put under control before it spread to your house. Tragic incidents like that make you realise just how vulnerable you are. I often think of keeping my most loved possessions in a convenient and easily accessible place so that I can just grab and run. For example, my photographs - it would be tragic to loose those in a fire as I would have nothing to reflect my life. Other things can be replaced but those type of memories cannot.

Have a fab week.

Monica said...

So sorry to hear about your neighbor and the fire. We've had several around here. My mom's friend died a few weeks ago in an apartment fire.

It's just awful, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! WOW! How horrible.. Im glad that it didnt spread and jump to other houses htough!

Shesawriter said...

(((John))) this is terrible. :-( I hope your neighbors are okay.