Sunday, July 02, 2006

Okay golf -- wonderful partners

Yes, we played the 36 holes of golf we had scheduled today. DESPITE the 99 degree heat and NO breeze!

Same is forecast for tomorrow.

Today, however, we were paired with another couple who we THOROUGHLY enjoyed spending the day with.

Sorry. I meant, "...with whom we THOROUGHLY enjoyed spending the day." I actually ended that previous sentence with a preposition. Horrors! I mean, heat exhaustion is no excuse for bad grammer, is it? (Carol says, "No.")

Their names were Larry and Vicki. He's an OB/GYN physician. They were some of the nicest people we've met playing golf. (Except YOU, Ruth. You and Donnie are at LEAST that nice!)

But they are from Kentucky, which is a "fur piece" from South Texas. So it's unlikely that we will be pal-ing around together much in the future.

(We DID learn that they go to Maui once a year, so maybe we could wrangle an invitation to join them some time... You think? Nah, I doubt it too.)

Anyway, we took no pictures today, but hope to get some tomorrow. We start earlier tomorrow and are hopeful that many people are NOT off work, so maybe the course will not be crowded and we'll be able to dawdle around the holes and get some good shots.

So... It's bed time now. I must retire and build my strength for another grueling wonderful day of heat and frustration pleasure. If YOU are off work tomorrow, have a great time. If not... well... find a job that gives you holidays like this.

Till tomorrow, all.


Anonymous said...

36 holes of golf - !? You and my hubby would make GREAT BUDDIES!!

Miss Cellania said...

See? Not everybody from Kentucky is a hillbilly redneck... just in MY neck of the woods!

Shooter said...

I don't know how you play one hole of golf in the TX heat. We have nothing but rain here.

Zinnia said...

Have a happy 4th of July weekend!!!

Monica said...

Have a great and happy and safe 4th of July!!

Anonymous said...

I want a job like that. Can you arrange a green card for me? I don't have a prison record and I am sure I will be able to add to the economy of the Yoo Knighted States.

Stay cool ;-)

Anonymous said...

All it did was rain today and they are calling for more rain this week.. So its been nasty in my part of texas..

Shesawriter said...

Happy 4th, John!

kenju said...

Well, where are you now?? Still playing?

Christina said...

"I mean, heat exhaustion is no excuse for bad grammer, is it?"

No, and it is no excuse for spelling errors either!


Nankin said...

I gave up golf after winning so many highest score trophies. It was getting embarassing.

Anonymous said...

I keep on hitting the refresh button but no new post. No pressure! Just missing you.