Friday, June 10, 2005

Freaky Friday? An old fogy’s lament.

See Karyn Lyndon’s blog. If you’re not already a regular there, you might oughtta be.

On Friday Karyn writes of sex (it must give her a rush),
But when I read that pers’nal stuff it kinda makes me blush.

Hey, I don’t mean to criticize, for that would be quite rude.
And now that I’ve confessed my angst, I’m sure I seem a prude.

She’s written books she calls “chick lit,” (it’s known as that by some.
To me that name has always sounded more like chewing gum.)

I s’pose the chicks who read her blog enjoy that sexual play.
At least she posts a warning sign to keep the kids away.

(Of course that’s kinda like the park-bench sign that says Wet Paint.
You know you should refrain from touch, but somehow you just cain’t.)

Well, back when I was growing up, in what I call, “my day,”
You didn’t write or talk of sex; you kept it hid away.

But then the revolution came, free love became the norm.
To speak of (or participate in) sex in any form,

Was deemed OK for anyone, as long as ‘twas consensual.
The pundits told us, “Just be cool,” and, “Don’t be gettin’ tense y’all.”

So now we watch it, talk it, think it. Many of us do it.
We treat it like it’s just routine, like there ain’t nothin’ to it.

It seems to me we’ve lost the thrill that intimacy brought
When sex became more clinical, more public than it ought.

I know I swim against the tide when I go on this way,
And most will scoff with ridicule, and some might even say,

“Grow up, old fogy!” “Get a life!” Or, “What’s your problem, man?”
But when it comes to open sex, I guess I’m not a fan.

Hey, sex is great! Don’t think I want to do away with lovin’!
But when the rubber meets the road, and pushin’ comes to shovin’,

I think I’ll keep it private, kinda hidden in the fog,
And not put forth for all to read, especially on my blog.

So Karyn, you can propagate, and blog about it weekly.
When Fridays come I’ll read YOUR blog and get my kicks discretely.

(Btw: “consensual” — People who are against anything “touchy-feely.” John’s Dictionary of the Moment (DotM), 2nd edition.)


Karyn Lyndon said...

Well, I don't know what to say. First of all, I'm flattered. I don't believe anyone has ever written poetry about me.

On the other hand...

Sex is a universal topic that everyone can relate to and for the most part my views are more of the "shock and disbelief" variety rather than trying to shock or titillate the reader. (What does the old DotM say about titillate?)

ANYWAY...I apologize for making you blush. It's a cute, fun poem!

Duke_of_Earle said...

Tit-il-late: vt. To provide a mild turn-on or cheap thrill.
n. Opposite of "tit-il-early." The one that arrives after the other one. This occurs when a woman enters a room sideways.

(Alt. spelling: teat-u-late. Pronounced, "Teat, you early. Teat, you late!")

(Sorry Karyn, but you asked.)

Karyn Lyndon said...

We both should be punished severely.

Anonymous said...

I warned you not to encourage him. He's out of control!

Anonymous said...

Yeah the poem took me by surprise. At first I could not understand why you were writing in short sentences - I think the mere fact you were talking of sex threw me. Then when I realised you were actually entertaining us with your marvelous poetic writing, I had to go back to the very beginning, a very good place to start ....

Now due to the fact I am very single, please could you enlighten me on what sex is.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Sorry, Michelle -- that's Karyn's turf, not mine. I'll make references to it, but she goes WAY into detail!

Karyn Lyndon said...

I know, Christina...but sometimes I can't resist teasing the animals. I've realized the error of my ways now (NOT).

Michelle, there's all different kinds. What kind would you like to know about. Maybe we should talk about this back at my blog where there aren't any old fogies.

(BTW...I laughed at the Sound of Music reference. Good one!)

the many Bs said...

I just have to give you my own two cents worth. I love the poem. It's cute. You write really well.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Schnoodlepooh! I love you!

See, publishers? She thinks I write well! No, she thinks i write really well!Buy my MS and together we'll make it a bestseller!

Btw, how'd you come up with that name? It's a doozie!

Robin said...

I thought this was hysterical! I guess I would have to be labelled "prude" because I agree with your views of keeping what's private private. :)