Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Our servicemen and women

This will be a popular topic for blog posts today, I predict.

Did you catch President Bush’s remarks to the troops at Fort Bragg last night?

As you regular readers know, I try to stay out of politics on this blog. There’s little “romance” in politics, and I call this thing “Romantic Ramblings.” That said, I had to agree with some of the things I heard George W. say about Iraq and the war on terror.

First, timetables for withdrawal. I thought his reasons for refusing to establish a deadline were logical. We all want our troops home and out of harm’s way. To set a target for completing the transfer of responsibility for maintaining security in Iraq to the Iraqis is fine, but only if it’s clear that we have the resolve to stay past that target if we must.

If the insurgents were smart and knew we were leaving in, say, December, then they’d lay low until January. Once we were gone they could tear apart the local regime’s forces. With an indefinite schedule, they have to keep active (and thus exposed) for as long as it takes. Otherwise they’d lose what radical idealistic support they have.

I’ve been on military active duty during a war. I know that what the troops want is simply sufficient strength of numbers and weaponry to be victorious, plus the will to win and support from the people at home.

I predict the military will be overwhelmed with messages of support through the web site set up by the Depart of Defense. It’s

Some time over the upcoming July 4th weekend, I urge you to visit the site and send a message of support to service personnel. I know it will mean a lot to them. Many of them are well aware of public opinion here in the states. Check out Bill’s post if you don’t think so.

Also read some of Monica’s posts about her son in Iraq.

OK. I was in a serious mood today. Check back tomorrow for my usual irreverent treatment of something.


Nankin said...

Well put. My niece has been in the middle east twice and her husband three times. Thank God they are home now. I don't care whether you support the war or not, but DO stand behind our soldiers. They're putting their lives on the line for us.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I have a real problem with broadcasting military plans on TV. But it seems we announce sensitive information to the world all the time.

I think the media needs to do a little more "don't ask" AND a little more "don't tell" or we'll all end up like the curious cat.

Anonymous said...

Some don't understand that you don't have to support the reason you're in a war while you support the Americans who are sent there. That's the stance I've taken. I couldn't be prouder of men and women in my community who served their country. In fact, I feel a bit inferior to them, as they've given more for their rights than I have. I don't feel as if I've earned my ability to sit and write whatever I want. But the war itself? That's a whole new issue.

The media? It's out to make money rather than truly inform and educate. That's all we need to remember.