Saturday, August 19, 2006


It’s Saturday. So, of course, we went to the golf course today.

We played with Ruth and Donnie (Ruth’s fiancé—the wedding is scheduled for late September!).

Donnie is a GREAT guy, by the way. It looks as if Ruth is finally going to get the husband she deserves, after two earlier tries and misses. He seems to love her for who she is, not for what she can do for him. A welcome change from the last loser one.

I usually regale you with tales of my errant shots and other golf foibles, but not today. Oh, no! Today I have to boast about my wife’s exploits!

Carol shot a 75 today! For real! She had 4 birdies in her round. Our course has one reachable par 4 hole for the ladies, but really no reachable par 5s. Carol birdied the short par 4, and scored well on many other holes primarily with her chipping and putting. I don’t know HOW many one-putts she had today. Most of those were inside of 3 feet. Her chipping was just awesome.

We’re celebrating tonight.

Tomorrow we plan to play again. But if history is any teacher, she will probably shoot a 95 tomorrow and miss every putt outside of 6 inches. That’s just the way this stupid game seems to go, most of the time.

Take heart, Kirsten. You’re next!


r.e.wolf said...

Yay, Carol!

(75 is good, John, right?)

Duke_of_Earle said...


Well, "good" is relative. But yes, 75 is very good! My best score ever was a 79. She deserves congratulations!


Michelle said...

Carol shot 4 birdies? Shame, those poor birdies! Okay, only joking.

Lucky, lucky Ruth. Now if only I ....

This is a time check. It is 2.41 on Sunday afternoon here.

Monica said...

A guy I was seeing early last year was showing me how to play golf...I really liked it. Kudos to Carol for a great game...would love to hear what she does today. Keeping fingers crossed she changes history!

Have a great day and congrats to your wonderful friend on her upcoming wedding. :)

Nankin said...

Way to go Carol!

Candace said...

Good on Carol AND Ruth!