Monday, August 21, 2006

Only in Texas

This story appeared in our local paper today, and I’m sure it made news in other parts of the Lone Star State as well.

At least three masked gunmen broke into a ranch house out in the country and tied up a man, his wife, and three children. They searched for money and firearms, and then shot the man in the leg and left. The man bled to death.

Horrible, right?

But the story was not about the murder and robbery. Nor was it about the terrorizing of the woman and her children. It was about dog fighting.

I guess to be fair I have to mention that the murder occurred three weeks ago, and this must be a follow-up story. But our paper never carried the original story, so this is the first I’d heard of the murder.

You can read the tale or not, but I’ll challenge you readers from other states or countries to cite a recent news story like this, in which the shooting death of a man in front of his family is presented as a sort of, “Oh, and by the way...” to the larger story of animal cruelty.

I guess if he raised and trained pit bulls to fight, he had it coming, huh?

Never mind. I’ll be over it tomorrow. By then there’ll be some OTHER bizarre news story in the paper to take my mind off of this one.


Hale McKay said...

Bizarre is putting it mildly. This sounds like some twist i might come up in the types of short stories I've been posting.

kenju said...

Very odd. Speaking of pit bulls, we saw three of them being led around NYC. I don't know why anyone wants a dog like that - but especially in the city. I scooted way away from those dogs when I saw them coming.

Monica said...

I think I heard bits and pieces of that same story, too. What a world, huh?

bigwhitehat said...

Oh, his murder doesn't matter because he wasn't "good people."

Sick huh?

CaliMarie said...

If you ask me, the entire world is "disproportionate" when it comes to reporting news.

I watched a segment on the news about the murder of a little, black girl (in a drive-by) and it couldn't have lasted more than one minute.

Immediately following, there was a segment on a dog, but it had nothing to do with cruelty. It had something to do with this canine's talent. And that segment had to have lasted nearly five minutes.

I remember just sitting in front of the television frowning in disgust.

"Did they not realize how insensitive that would come off to viewers?"

I don't know if they didn't realize it...or if they just didn't give a damn.

Frankly, I don't even watch the news anymore...nor do I read the newspaper.

I know. I know.

"Don't you want to know what's going on in the world?"

I already do.

It's burning in hell. And that's all I need to know for now.

The cynical witch has spoken. :)