Monday, August 14, 2006

No skullduggery or other shady dealings!

Carol and I called on Aunt Dorris’ husband yesterday. She told him that Dorris had told her that she (Carol) would be executor of the will, and since we were going on a vacation trip in September we wanted to see if there was anything she should do now. Such as any notifications, and so on.

Husband was very friendly and nice, and already had the will and a bunch of other papers out on a table.

A quick look showed that Carol was an alternate executor, only to serve if he was incapable of serving. Otherwise he was to be executor. Everything was in order, and had been in place and filed back 5 years ago.

His plan was to just take the will and all their other papers to their lawyer this morning and let the lawyer sort it all out.


We thought Carol’s mom would be pleased. However, her reaction was a huffy, “WELL!! Sis should have TOLD us that!” Then she ranted for a while about slights, real and perceived, of long years ago. More stress for Carol.

I told Carol that was just her mom’s way of coping with the grieving process. But still...

Anyway, all other (will-related) pressure is now off of Carol, and she ought to be able to relax on our vacation trip without dreading returning to a family feud.

OH, and on the way home we drove by some coastal wetlands that are home to many kinds of birds. Carol had taken the camera and got some excellent shots of pelicans, three or four different species of herons, a stilt, and more. Once we get them sorted and cropped and ready, I’ll put some on a web site for you to look at.


Badabing said...

That's really good to hear, John. Can't wait to see those bird pics.

Monica said...

Tell Carol to relax...tell her you'll be waiting on her hand and foot...and both of you enjoy the vacation.

Candace said...

Great - the lawyer can handle it all, and the family can grieve (and act out) as needed, while you and Carol can decompress.

Looking forward to more pictures.

kenju said...

I do hope the attorney will prove to be adept at sorting out family squabbles!

I am waiting for the photos!

r.e.wolf said...

Here's to a wonderful, safe, relaxing vacation!

Nankin said...

John, just a note to say I've been out of circulation for a while. Enjoy your trip. You have to know that grief sometimes brings out the worst in people.

Michelle said...

We have a lovely bird sanctuary nearby - close to the penguin rehabilitation centre. Carol would enjoy roaming around here. Then she can walk with the penguins on the beach, step into the cheetah cage, take a 2 hour drive into the country to see the Big 5 and snap photographs of the whales frolicking in the bay. So rob a bank. :-)

M.E Ellis said...

Glad the pressure is off Carol.

Look forward to the pelican pics!


Michelle said...

Oh .... and I forgot to mention the hippos and the Springbok at the golf courses.

CaliMarie said...

I'm sort of in the dark in regards to everything that's been taking place, but I want you to know you and your family are in my prayers.

I'm wishing you all peace and, of course, many blessings.

May God keep you all.

Many hugs and much love to you.