Thursday, August 03, 2006

I am SO spoiled...

But if you stop by here regularly you know that.

My wife loves me so completely that I am just in awe. I’d like to think that I return that love just as completely (and she assures me regularly that I do), but I’m not sure.

Did you know that the romance novel I wrote (and have as yet been unable to sell, although I did get a literary agent to represent me and try) is a roman à clef? That’s a fancy French name for a book that’s basically a memoir with some fiction thrown in. The mostly true story tells how I met Carol in 1966.

But still, she spoils me.

Example: Right now she’s in the kitchen making a little loaf of homemade Italian bread to go with the homemade spaghetti we’re having for dinner.

We’re both maintaining the weight we have slimmed down to by limiting carbs, so how come she’s feeding us pasta and bread? Because she knows how much I like it.

Yeah, okay, she likes it too. And having carbs occasionally and in moderation won’t put weight back on you. But still!

Can you just imagine how good that bread smells when it’s baking? She puts a little rosemary in the crust, and sprinkles it lightly with garlic salt just before we eat it warm.

I always save a few bites until after the spaghetti is all gone so I can wipe the sauce off the plate with the bread and eat it. Mmmmmmmm.

If your mouth isn’t watering by now, it ought to be.

Mine is.

I think it’s dinner time. Bye.


Hale McKay said...

My mouth is positively watering!

Candace said...

Gahhhhh - you're killin us!

Monica said...

We had spaghetti and garlic bread last night. MOM fixed it. It was great. My sons loved brother...and then she happily went off to bingo and my brother, son and I happily watched Big Brother.

I've heard that the first novel that sells is sort of autobiographical...and that's what mine is...From War To Wishes. Based on certain things in our lives.

Off blogging for a few days to enjoy my family...have a great weekend! And when it comes out..I'm buying a copy of your book.

M.E Ellis said...

You two. AWWWW!


Christina said...

If there were such a thing as a "perfect relationship" I think it would be you two.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Christina, What do you mean, "IF?"

J said...

I will now be crazing that meal until I get it. Bah!

J said...

Craving, duh!