Saturday, August 12, 2006


At 4:00 this morning, Aunt Dorris' body stopped functioning. The doctors said that probably she was "gone" within minutes of the stroke or aneurysm, so this cessation of heartbeat was little more than affirmation.

Now the aftermath begins. Meaning, Carol's mom is becoming more and more emotional; not so much due to the death of her sister as because of what happens over the next few days or weeks. As per the will, there will be a cremation and a memorial service. Dorothy has no wish to attend, but fears being thought callous by "others."

Then comes the will iteslf. Several months ago, Dorris told Carol that she, Carol, would be the executor of the estate. NOT Dorris' husband! Said husband is now saying that no, HE is the executor. (By the way, there won't be much "estate," anyway.)

Of course, the will determines those details. And Carol doesn't care one way or another. But sister Dorothy (Carol's mom) is already upset, figuring that Dorris' husband is trying to pull a fast one.

Carol doesn't need this kind of stress!

We will deal with it all as best we can, trying hard to maintain a steady, logical demeanor throughout the weeks ahead. There's no need for Dorris' sister or husband to be concerned, because the will is in place and the laws will be observed.

It's a shame that sometimes a tragedy like this brings out the worst in people.

Maybe I could incorporate all of this into a novel... Hmmmm. Nah, it's already been done -- many times -- by Dickens and many others on to modern times.


This, too, shall pass. Tomorrow's post will be on a happier theme. I promise!


J said...

I wish Carol, and you, a speedy road through this journey. Sometimes the aftermath of a death is worse than the loss itself. Been there, done that.

kenju said...

I know how frustrating these things can be. I hope that the family will settle down and give in to her wishes and what is in the will. Take heart, Carol.

Candace said...

She may not have wanted her husband to have been burdened with getting the will probated, and knew that Carol would do what needed to be done. You're right, these days after are the hard part. You just want to be free to grieve, but there are all kinds of details to be taken care of.

ivy said...

I'm sorry for your loss..

Badabing said...

Please accept my condolences. I can relate to what you are, and will, be going through. I've had to deal with these things with both of my parents and an in-law. It is unfortunate, but it will pass.

M.E Ellis said...

Best wishes to see you through a tough time.