Monday, August 28, 2006

The wonders of Google

I just, ten minutes ago, received a Blogger email of a comment left on a blog post.

Big deal, right?

But the comment was posted to a story I'd put on my blog a year ago! And the comment was thanking me for posting it! Unfortunately the comment was from Anonymous, so I'll just have to assume he/she found the post from Google. Had to be from SOME kind of search engine.

My story was about fighting with problems on the computer after installing and then UNinstalling a version of Copper.Net software. I had planned to use that ISP for dial-up internet access during my travels last September (since they published local phone numbers for access at just about all the places I was planning to visit), but then didn't ever need to dial-up since I learned that Wi-Fi is almost literally everywhere, and free.

One of the "features" of this nasty software was a "turbo" effect for speeding up your dial-up experience. How? But automatically reducing the resolution of all those jpeg images you find on many sites. I finally figured out that the software had installed some Temp files which it failed to remove when the software was uninstalled. Those Temp files kept on messing up the resoultion of the pictures and made all jpegs look... well, crappy.

Solution? Delete ALL the Temp files. With those files in place, you can change the settings on your browser until the proverbial cows come home, with no effect. Once the files were deleted, the problem disappeared. Calls to Copper.Net tech support people were fruitless. The reps all told me that once the software was uninstalled, it was ALL GONE. WRONG!

Somehow Mr. Anonymous searched and found that post, tried it, and it worked. And so he thanked me! He said he had been fighting the problem and could not find any other discussion on the fix.

WOO-HOO! Happy to have been of some service to someone.

Who says blogs aren't educational? Right here you've learned about Temp Files and nutria. What else could you want?


Cat Girl said...
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Miss Cellania said...

Thats the wonder of the internet. Someone has a problem, does a search, and finds the exact information they need, no matter how long ago it was written. Isn't it nice of them to let you know?

(the previous comment was the same, it was just in my kid's profile, which is private)

Karyn Lyndon said...

I want a book contract including the sale of movie rights.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Well, OK. But you'd probably get a better deal if you went through your agent. Or (hmmm), maybe not...


Candace said...

What more do we want?
Some news about the new book you're writing!
Oh, and more pics by Carol.

Anonymous said...

Duke as you've offered !

Can you tell me how a man can wear a wig and not get laughed at ?

kenju said...

Ahhhh, nice! And you are glad to be of service, I'll wager.

Christina said...

This is why I always call you for tech support - you always find a solution!